Sunday, January 21, 2007

Eric Tan's Parents ( IAG Dec 05 )

Dear Adam, Queenie, Webster,

We are pleased to share with you Eric's PMR results (28.12.06) : 5A's, 1B (history), 1C (Malay) = 5 out of 7 vs his mid-year results of 1A,1B,2C,5D,1E.

Thank you for your help and confidence in him. He has attributed his results to mind maps which he diligently used 3 months (intensively 1 month) prior to his exams. We have congratulated him because he had tried hard and his efforts paid off.

He now appears more confident and is keen to join the camps as assistant coach again after his stint in Dec'06.

Since sending our three children (Valerie, Eric, Jillian) to the camp in Dec'05, we have recommended the camp to other parents who have also had positive results with their children.

Our sincere thanks to you,

Ida & Keith Tan


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