Thursday, March 01, 2007

Nisha SG IAG September 2006

Hi Adam,

My name is Nisha. I attended last year's september 'IAG' camp. I
received my o level results today and thought it would be nice to share the
good news with you.I got 13 points for my o levels. 4As and 3 Bs. I got 23
points for my prelims and thus i am over joyed.

Thank you very much.I noticed that i became more positive towards
the things happening around me. Though i did freak out before my first paper
and thanks to coach Kelvin, i got out of it. Everything else went well and
my parents and teachers are very proud of me. And i am so proud of myself.
Feel like some olympic gold medal winner. Ha...ha....

Yap. Just wanted to share my results with you and thank you as
well. Take care! :)



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