Thursday, March 01, 2007

clara ang SG (sch program) Apr 2006

Dearest Adam,

hi!!! I participated in IAG camp last April, and you were one of our
trainers, in punggol secondary (class 4A and 4B) l. I do hope you remember

I remembered that you told us to write to you about our results, and here it
our school has done very well for the O levels! The principal and teachers
are all very glad. Thank you for motivating and inspiring all of us!!

As for me, my L1R5 for o'levels is 14 points. Although its not a fantastic
result, its still a big stepping stone for me. My aggregate for PSLE was
196, and i had to opt for either normal academics or express stream then.
Both my mum and I were devastated. I vividly remembered that fateful day
when i was still waiting for the teacher to give me my result slip while the
rest of the class was already celebrating their good result. ---- I was
ranked the last in class then.

And when I reached sec three/four, I was really freaking out About my
o'levels. I was so afraid that history would repeat itself again.

I'm really glad to have run into you, as well as the other trainers in
akltg. You guys have really been a great help to all of us. My most
memorable experience was the time where you held up a ten-dollar note,
asking us if we want it. Everyone was shouting "yes" all the way, yet no one
wants to go up and take the money. I walked up and tried to get the money
from you, but you refused to give it to me. After that, a few other people
ran up to grab it from you.
This little scenario has tough me a lot about TAKING ACTION FIRST and
PERSEVERANCE. If i was determined enough and didn't give up, i would have
gotten the money.

O levels is just the end of a new beginning. After enrolling into nanyang
junior college for the first three months, I've realised that I've got many
more challenges to face in the future. The people there are smarter and
cleverer than me, and i know I'll have to work extra hard to catch up.

Once again, thanks, Adam, for giving us the inspiration on this
self-discovering route.

clara ang


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