Monday, March 12, 2007

liyana, (school Program) 2006

hi Melvin

liyana here. You might not know which girl am i. but i hope this photo helps.

no words can describe how true and so great a role model you are to not only me but also to my classmates. you've opened the hearts of so many people. you the man! hahaha. =) on behalf of my classmates from 4e4 and a few from 4e3 too, i would like to thank you so much for everythg you've shared, every single tip you've taught, every tear you caused (which is a good thing 'cause you've opened our hearts and made us so wise), every second of your presence, every little patience you had with my notorious class and not forgetting, the laughter you brought. we really appreciate everything you've done! =)

the 3 days, i felt as though i have just undergone brainwashing. hahaha. but it had actually made me realize how lonely my mum is and the sacrifices she made. the course opened my eyes to all the possible consequences if i continue being who i was. i was so preoccupied with the duties i have to carry out in school being the president of CCA council, prefect, my CCA, my peers even come up telling me abt their problems. i was so pressurized that i made all these responsibilities more important than the thought for my own mother and my responsibilities at home. how blind and heartless i was. i must say, i miss my dad a lot. but aft the day he left and till now, i have nvr show. 'cause i use to think i mustn't show the emotional side of me. i must be strong in front of others. but i ended up crying myself to sleep for many nights. i felt really guilty and never felt so small and lonely.

hahhaha. but not only it brings tears, the course had definitely boost my willingness to study and to do extremely well. throughout this 16 years of living with promises to my mum, i have nvr really stick to my words. but now, i must prove myself wrong. and i must make mummy proud and live an easy life in the future. hahaha. =) i must and i will. heehe.

thanks yea melvin! your words i shall nvr forget. =) you are a role model to me and to many out there! hahahahaha. =) take care ok!



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