Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shannon Xinru Yu, (IAG Malaysia) March 2006

Heeyyy guys!!!
My name is Shannon and i am currently one of the assistant coach(soon to be coach^^) for this, as you all already know, totally awesome, totally siaow and and totally SUUUPPEEERRR AKLTG Group~! XD What i LOVE most about this camp? Well, i have to say, the participants. Thats right, you guys out there who joined the camp.=) Needless to say, we all had fun right??? But thats not the main point. Before becoming part of this affiliation, i felt that, hey, life is nothing but a chance given to us by god to live, to do whatever we want, to live as the day passes. Thats true in a way, but do you know the true meaning of life?

Like Adam said, he quoted something like this,"Existing and living are two different things.

Existing is merely living in this world without an objective, without a goal; whereas living is actually doing something productive about your life, having and striving for things you want to achieve, having places you want to go. Stretching out and reaching for your goals..." The main point is, after this camp, we know what we want, at least i know what i want, i know where to start, i know what i should do and how i can get there.^_^ Do you?

It is ok for us to slack sometimes in life. We are all HUMAN. Yes. We are allowed to make mistakes, but should we repeat them? Hmmm... Ask yourself this question, how often do you think opportunity shows up at your doorstep in life? If we somehow knew about it, should we just let it pass and pretend it never happened? Lol. Those who havent been for this camp would probably do so, but for all those of you who did? ^^ What i learnt most from becoming part of all this is that life gives you only one chance to prove yourself.

To stand out from the crowd, to voice out confidently, to show the world who you really are no matter how small you might seem. It is to let us know that there is hope in everything we do. You guys showed me that. There are choices we can make that will change our lives forever! It has changed mine.^_^

So here, i just wanna say, thank you all. For those who have made a permenant impact on my life, for those i have been given a chance to be acquainted with through this program, to those who have worked with me and showed me what its like to be accepted, to those who have taught me that there is more to life than mere existance,and finally, to those who showed me life from a totally different aspect. I feel very grateful and blessed to have met you all in this lifetime. Now let us take this opportunity, this chance, this opened door to show the rest of the world who we are, what we can do, what difference we can make... Joining this camp has made the impossible, possible. So for those who have joined the camp before, please do come back to join us again! It is your turn now to change lives, to do miracles. So here, once again, thank you all very much for EVERYTHING. This has been the most chunted and unforgettable experience ever! It has become a part of my life, leaving behind memories so distinctive like footprints on a beach, making another chapter of my life evermore worthwhile...

Thanks you...


Lots of love,


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