Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Vivien Tay, IAG (Malaysia Dec2006)

Hi Melody!
I'm Vivien Tay, 1 of ur participants in IAG frm 11-14dec 2006..
if u dun remember me it's ok..jus emailing u to tell u abt my Goals haha..
You're someone important to me so I'm sharing with u my Goals =)
I Will Be:
1.TOP STUDENT In My School In A Levels!
2.MILLIONAIRE By Age 25!(Sing Dollars)
3.MOTIVATIONAL TRAINER By Age 26! (Master Trainer)
No, this is not a prank joke..I'm dead serious. Don't have heartattack=) Don't worry I'm not Crazy or anything;) I'm sharing w u to Put Myself On the Line so i have no choice but to Succeed, to Go All Out! cos ur opinion of me is very important to me..Haha bb!
Take Care!
Vivien Tay


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