Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Jiansheng, IAG (Malaysia Dec06)

Hi webster its been a long time since the camp last year. I am Jiansheng, i joined the year end IAG last year and really enjoyed it at the same time i also learnt a lot of things about life. The trainers and coach really inspired me to strive for the best. After the program, my marks in my tests and exams have really improved especially my math.

i recently received a letter from AKLTG about the coach training program and was really excited about joining it but unfortunately the timing is inconvenient for me because it coincide with my first term exams.

I am in form five this year and really hope that i can attend the coach training program, can you please send me some of the schedule for the future programs so i can plan my schedule. I really hope that i can inspire others like the coaches and trainers have.

After the program i told all my friends what i have learned from the camp and they all said that they wished they could joined the camp.^^Are there any programs for the graduates to attend other than the quarterly meeting? can you send me any information regrading AKLTG



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