Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Xin Yi's Father. Mr Alfred Wong SK(SG, Mar06)

Hi Adam,

This is Alfred Wong from Prudential. Hope that you can remember me. I am writing to you as regards the above.

My three children had attended your superkids programme, the most recent being the just concluded programme in the March holidays.

All three had benefited from the programme and in particular my eldest daughter, Xin Yi had made the most significant improvement when she bagged the Father Barre award from her school(CHIJ Primary).

This award is given to the student who had made the most improvement in their studies since Primary one. I am very proud of that achievemnt and would like to credit you for giving her the motivation for this.

I am thinking of sending her for your assistant coach programme as I feel this would further develop her to be a leader and internalise all the things she had learnt from the course.

If you are agreeable to that, can you give me more details how to sign her up for that.

Once again, thank you so much for all the improvement to my kids' life and studies.

Best Regards,
Alfred Wong


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