Thursday, November 23, 2006

Joe Fendy ( IAG Malaysia )

Dear mr Adam,
Thank and thank again, i already felt motivate and inspired by you and other trainer. I also want to know more about Mr. Melvin biodata cause you didn't put it on your akltg website. being motivated i now know that my dream is link to my goal that also lead to my action...I 'm happy now Mr. Adam. I didn't used to be happy because people in my school look down on me.... but now I know that they mean nothing to me and are not even my outcome(why should i be worried). Today is not like yesterday....and all because of i have the courage to go up on the stage or anywhere else...........
Because i'm not afraid. Not afraid of mistake, being laugh at, being what i am today. Now my ambition is to be a master chef, my dream is to make my parent proud and happy, and my goals are to take all challenge!!! and also my next target is to be a millionaire within two you say nothing is impossible though days are short...but i took my time and using all your method i finally succeed to understand in my study( even without my teacher help)i even improve my add math by 40 marked lol..though is little improvement my teacher told me is was precious...haha Thank you Mr. Adam Khoo I lastly want to ask that could i be asst.couch for your next session???

Thank You Mr. Adam,

Your lovely person,
Joe Fendy

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