Monday, March 19, 2007

Evelyn Wong, (IAG Malaysia) March 2006

Hello, I'm Evelyn Wong from the AKLTG camp held in Seremban last year (2006) from 11th till 13th March.
In part through using the methods and strategies learnt at AKLTG, I got
11As (10A1s and 1A2) for my SPM 2006.

I would just like to thank Mr. Khoo, Mr. Stuart and all of the coaches who helped me improve my self-confidence and sudy methods to achieve success.

I was quite sceptical when I first went to IAG Camp last year, having been enrolled in it by my dad without my knowledge. I didn't think that much could be done in only 4 days or so.

However, the camp surpassed my expectations. Although I have always been quite stable academically, I realised that there was much room for improvement in my life - not just academically but as a whole person. IAG Camp gave me the tools and knowledge to set my goals and achieve them. It helped me to build my confidence and motivated me to give my best in everything that I do. In addition, I learnt a lot about leadership through being assistant camp leader throughout my IAG camp.

Now, after scoring straight As in my SPM examination last year, I would like to contribute to another batch of new IAG campers and help them to reach their potential just like the coaches and trainers helped me during my time. It was their personal attention, advice and encouragement too that fired me up to improve my weaknesses and make a success of myself. I want to also be able to change someone's life like that - using the strategies and methods taught in IAG to bring out the full potential in someone.
Thank you.

Evelyn Wong

Monday, March 12, 2007

liyana, (school Program) 2006

hi Melvin

liyana here. You might not know which girl am i. but i hope this photo helps.

no words can describe how true and so great a role model you are to not only me but also to my classmates. you've opened the hearts of so many people. you the man! hahaha. =) on behalf of my classmates from 4e4 and a few from 4e3 too, i would like to thank you so much for everythg you've shared, every single tip you've taught, every tear you caused (which is a good thing 'cause you've opened our hearts and made us so wise), every second of your presence, every little patience you had with my notorious class and not forgetting, the laughter you brought. we really appreciate everything you've done! =)

the 3 days, i felt as though i have just undergone brainwashing. hahaha. but it had actually made me realize how lonely my mum is and the sacrifices she made. the course opened my eyes to all the possible consequences if i continue being who i was. i was so preoccupied with the duties i have to carry out in school being the president of CCA council, prefect, my CCA, my peers even come up telling me abt their problems. i was so pressurized that i made all these responsibilities more important than the thought for my own mother and my responsibilities at home. how blind and heartless i was. i must say, i miss my dad a lot. but aft the day he left and till now, i have nvr show. 'cause i use to think i mustn't show the emotional side of me. i must be strong in front of others. but i ended up crying myself to sleep for many nights. i felt really guilty and never felt so small and lonely.

hahhaha. but not only it brings tears, the course had definitely boost my willingness to study and to do extremely well. throughout this 16 years of living with promises to my mum, i have nvr really stick to my words. but now, i must prove myself wrong. and i must make mummy proud and live an easy life in the future. hahaha. =) i must and i will. heehe.

thanks yea melvin! your words i shall nvr forget. =) you are a role model to me and to many out there! hahahahaha. =) take care ok!


Tito, (school Program) 2003

Dear Adam Khoo,

(I’m taking this time in the middle of my study to tell u something. I wanted to share my story with u and Im sorry if its too long .I hope u read everything)

When i was in secondary 4 in 2003,I attended your program. I didn’t get the chance to let u notice me cause there was just too many other students. I’msure u don even know me. By the way I was in Serangoon Garden SecondarySchool. I want to compliment u that u have done such a wonderful job in inspiring me and the other students. I remembered u makes us cry and i remembered every detail like the rocky movie. That’s how u have make an impact in my life. I have never be so motivated in my life before and just like any other people out there, always hating my life. I would also like to say thateven though this is your job, I believe that u have done so much to make iteven more than a job. Infect feel that the way u carry on your job is not only unbelievable but also u have a great big heart, that is always trying toreach out to others and help us.

This is serious-I never passed my mathematics ever since I was in sec3.Everytest I did just make me even more miserable. But guess what, I passed in my o-level Maths. Even though I only get C5.But that was a great difference tome. That was such a memorable day in my life. And I also passed all my sixsubjects!!

However that was not e end of my happiness. Unfortunately, I went down again.I just wish that i don need to tell u this, but i think i lose nothing intelling the truth. After my O-levels, I began to work. That was when I was justnot interested to continue my study in POLY. I spend so much time working as a barmaid and waitress (even though I saved none after 3 years working on andoff!!!!!!EERRGGHHH!!!) that i just didn’t have time to do my projects and skipping school cause i was so tired working e day before.( i was in industrial design course and my homework consists of project after project)I forget everything that u taught me, i was getting discourage again and notmotivated. At that moment my mom was in Holland cause my dad is living in Netherlands. Because of that i took the opportunity to give 'Financialproblem' as a reason.

But that didn’t stop there! I was so scared of retuning to poly just to sign aletter to say that i quit. Not because im scared of the letter, infect i wasexpecting it. But its the fact that im scared of coming to sign the letterand to see my teachers’ scared how they will think of me. So it end up thati quit my poly just like that. No letters no nothing. And i took thatopportunity to tell my mom that i was blacklisted and couldn’t go to polyanymore cause that’s what i thought it would be. That is so stupid i know. I knowI can do anything like begging them to allow me to go back to school but i didn’t dare to cause if i go back to school, I would start all over again andi was shameful if the new batch of secondary students in poly see me. So Ididn’t want to go through that shame..

After one year of working, I’m just so tired. I wanted to study again. This timei apply myself in ite and of course they take me in, wondering what this polystudent is doing in ite.i taught i was so clever than the others. I joinednursing and I never failed to get top in most subjects in my class. Then after 6 months, its time to go to attachment. I hate it so much because I knownothing bout practical. I’m only good in theory but during practical lesson ialways end up daydreaming. So i was lost and always get scolded by the nurses. I didn’t enjoy it at all. Guess what’s the stupidest thing i ever did in my life??

One day I woke up late and i took an mc. The next day when i went to tan tockseng for attachment, I lost my wallet with my mc in it! I went home without no one seeing me. And since that day i didn’t turn up anymore. I quit once againwithout telling the teachers. They keep calling me but I was just gone, justlike that. All because I fear getting asked.

That all happen during 3 years. Now my friends have all gradated from poly Imjust so shameful and regretted myself.3 years gone just like Sept 2006,I moved to Netherlands, not because of running away but becausemy mom wants me to stay here for good. Ya my mom loves Netherlands and hatethe living in Singapore. Infect I didn’t want to go at all. I talk and talk butstill in e end i don’t know how i end up here.Now I’m taking 1 year of Dutch course. And i must pass to a level 4 Dutch before being able to go to poly here.

It was until this one night i was asking myself to look back what i havedone in life. I wanted so much to start a new, get motivated to study myDutch so i can get to poly. Those long taught that night end up in me remembering how i achieved that'"impossible o level'' and then i remembered that course i undergo by you.

I wanted so much to be motivated again. And so i went to look for your namein Google. It was an overwhelmed results. I read lots about u onceagain...Even though im living in Netherlands, I’m not rich, neither is my dadnor my mom. We are just normal people. Infect my family is struggling with meand my new arrival, like study and money etc. I don even get pocket money andi bring food to school everyday. That didn’t stop me from trying to reach you. I wanted SO SO MUCH to read your book and to learn all the secrets once again. I was thinking between the book '"í am gifted so are you" or Designyour destiny" In e end i was convinced to get your "design my destiny''book. I searched your book everywhere but unfortunately i didn’t see it here. Even if i saw i would buy cause seriously i don’t have money. So Guesswhat i do??? i called my bf (he's in spore and ya, we are having a longdistance relationship even 6months here, im glad) i told him to buy your book and after 2 weeks it arrive here. Unbelievable.

I am now reading your book with so much enthusiasm. Everyday i get soexcited and eager to continue reading. It change me once again and for e past1 week i didn’t get the chance to watch tv cause i was busy studying!!! Today i even went to swimming at 10.30 in e morning. I never exercise and i neverwake up in e morning. but this is like a big change for me. I will continueto motivate myself with the help of your book. I cant wait to finish it. Tillhere, thanks for taking your time to read this long story of mine. You’ve donea great job and its just incredible. I will do whatever actions to achieve mygoals. All the best and, success to you!!


Thursday, March 01, 2007

clara ang SG (sch program) Apr 2006

Dearest Adam,

hi!!! I participated in IAG camp last April, and you were one of our
trainers, in punggol secondary (class 4A and 4B) l. I do hope you remember

I remembered that you told us to write to you about our results, and here it
our school has done very well for the O levels! The principal and teachers
are all very glad. Thank you for motivating and inspiring all of us!!

As for me, my L1R5 for o'levels is 14 points. Although its not a fantastic
result, its still a big stepping stone for me. My aggregate for PSLE was
196, and i had to opt for either normal academics or express stream then.
Both my mum and I were devastated. I vividly remembered that fateful day
when i was still waiting for the teacher to give me my result slip while the
rest of the class was already celebrating their good result. ---- I was
ranked the last in class then.

And when I reached sec three/four, I was really freaking out About my
o'levels. I was so afraid that history would repeat itself again.

I'm really glad to have run into you, as well as the other trainers in
akltg. You guys have really been a great help to all of us. My most
memorable experience was the time where you held up a ten-dollar note,
asking us if we want it. Everyone was shouting "yes" all the way, yet no one
wants to go up and take the money. I walked up and tried to get the money
from you, but you refused to give it to me. After that, a few other people
ran up to grab it from you.
This little scenario has tough me a lot about TAKING ACTION FIRST and
PERSEVERANCE. If i was determined enough and didn't give up, i would have
gotten the money.

O levels is just the end of a new beginning. After enrolling into nanyang
junior college for the first three months, I've realised that I've got many
more challenges to face in the future. The people there are smarter and
cleverer than me, and i know I'll have to work extra hard to catch up.

Once again, thanks, Adam, for giving us the inspiration on this
self-discovering route.

clara ang

Nisha SG IAG September 2006

Hi Adam,

My name is Nisha. I attended last year's september 'IAG' camp. I
received my o level results today and thought it would be nice to share the
good news with you.I got 13 points for my o levels. 4As and 3 Bs. I got 23
points for my prelims and thus i am over joyed.

Thank you very much.I noticed that i became more positive towards
the things happening around me. Though i did freak out before my first paper
and thanks to coach Kelvin, i got out of it. Everything else went well and
my parents and teachers are very proud of me. And i am so proud of myself.
Feel like some olympic gold medal winner. Ha...ha....

Yap. Just wanted to share my results with you and thank you as
well. Take care! :)


Tammy , SG IAG Dec 06

Dear Rossana,

I apologise for the late reply as I have been busy with Chinese New Year preparations. Here is my testimonial!

Before attending the camp, my results were, since Secondary 1, below average. Every year, my overall grade dropped. I failed my End-Of-Year (EOY) assessment for mathematics in Secondary 2, I failed my Chinese EOY in both Secondary 1 and 2, I failed Physics overall in semester 1 and failed Chemistry overall last year in Secondary 3. Last year, my Mathematics results were not much better, only scraping past at about 50 marks overall. My other subjects (Social Studies, Higher Chinese, etc) were not much better as they were in the range of the low/middle 60s. My teachers and parents were not happy and were worried.
After attending the camp, it gave me that extra boost of confidence, motivation and push that I needed. I worked hard and practised during the rest of holidays in preparation for the Mathematics test scheduled during the second week of school (which was based on a few of our last year topics). My math teacher this year is the same as last year's and he was quite worried for me. I surprised him and managed to get one of the highest marks in class (33/40 = 80%+ = GPA 4.0 = A1)! As for my other weaker subjects such as Chemistry and Physics, I have not had any test yet but it is clear that I am much, much, much more focused and able to do my class/homework this year as compared to before I attended the camp. According to my friends, even my attitude has made a signficant positive change. I'm more confident and less muddle-headed now and not afraid to speak up when I feel the need to. I am even able to motivate my peers and juniors to do better in their studies and in other areas (such as CCA, leadership board work). Whenever I feel down or lost, I would think back on the camp and feel strong and motivated again. I hope to further share my experiences and make a difference in someone else's life as a coach. And I hope this serves as an inspiration for others as well! Happy belated Valentine's Day, belated Total Defence Day and Happy Chinese New Year once again.