Sunday, January 21, 2007

Eric Tan's Parents ( IAG Dec 05 )

Dear Adam, Queenie, Webster,

We are pleased to share with you Eric's PMR results (28.12.06) : 5A's, 1B (history), 1C (Malay) = 5 out of 7 vs his mid-year results of 1A,1B,2C,5D,1E.

Thank you for your help and confidence in him. He has attributed his results to mind maps which he diligently used 3 months (intensively 1 month) prior to his exams. We have congratulated him because he had tried hard and his efforts paid off.

He now appears more confident and is keen to join the camps as assistant coach again after his stint in Dec'06.

Since sending our three children (Valerie, Eric, Jillian) to the camp in Dec'05, we have recommended the camp to other parents who have also had positive results with their children.

Our sincere thanks to you,

Ida & Keith Tan

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Justin Tan ( Dec 11-14 / 2007 ) Malaysia

I am Justin Tan. I went to Adam Khoo's camp last year Dec 11 to Dec 14. I learnt so much from Adam Khoo's camp last year about life strategy, reaching your goals, to believe in myself, speed reading and many more.

All the coaches there had taught me how to reach my goal especially my team coaches. Now it is my turn to help others and i will do my best to help them and also I would like to experience what an asistant coach goes through.
So Webster i would like to apply to become an assistant coach. Please tell me what are the requirements are and how to apply to become one.

I look forward to your reply.

Thank You.

Justin Tan

Yu Yuan ( march IAG 06camp ) Singapore

Dear Adam,

I sincerely want to thank you for letting me see this one thing called hope during my march IAG 06 camp. Before my camp life have been really hard for me,i rarely talk to my mum and I am always doing things that is against the law.

In febuary this year before i attended your program, i was charged up to court for an assualt case and was sentenced to 18month probation
during march.Before I attended your program I was a very hot-tempered guy and always feel that the whole world is against me but after going through the camp, I’ve realised that its not the world going against me but me going against the world. I’ve learned how to handle problems much better than before and life havenever felt so good for me before.

The most important thing to me that I’ve learnt from your camp is not the academic skills but I’ve learnt on how to become a better person in life and to me this is much more valuable than the academic skills I’ve learnt because if I am a person who goes against the law, having a degree or whatsoever is useless.
And my relationship with my mum is getting better day by day, its now as though that we are friends and it really feels good being this way. Although I am still going through probation, my officer gave me this piece of goodnews saying that I will be discharged early.

I am able to see things in a much clearer view I must really thank you because it is you that made me realise the importance of life. Thank you once again.

Yours Sincerely,
Yu Yuan