Tuesday, April 17, 2007

kenneth cher, IAG (SG)

Dear Adam,

I want to thank you for all the things you had done. I did applied all the formula and the results is very satisfying and not only that i scored 5 A1, i am also the top of my class. I am very shocked when my form teacher announced out the result.with that I thank you once again and i really appreciate every second of what you, Amin and Gary taught me. Hope to hear from you soon!

Your trainee,

Noelle, SK (SG)

Hey adam !

i am sec 2 this year.
i have got a good news and would to share with you!
last year, i have sent you a mail telling you about my level rank and class position! my class position was 16/40 and level rank was 112 for 2006 end of year examination! this year, i have improved . My class positon is 5th/40 and my level rank is 64 for the CA1! yay! i am so happy! i have set a goal for mid year examination: i want to be in the top 3 in my class and the top 40 for the whole level! i can do it man! off to do my notes now! bye... =)

Noelle =)

Xin Yi's Father. Mr Alfred Wong SK(SG, Mar06)

Hi Adam,

This is Alfred Wong from Prudential. Hope that you can remember me. I am writing to you as regards the above.

My three children had attended your superkids programme, the most recent being the just concluded programme in the March holidays.

All three had benefited from the programme and in particular my eldest daughter, Xin Yi had made the most significant improvement when she bagged the Father Barre award from her school(CHIJ Primary).

This award is given to the student who had made the most improvement in their studies since Primary one. I am very proud of that achievemnt and would like to credit you for giving her the motivation for this.

I am thinking of sending her for your assistant coach programme as I feel this would further develop her to be a leader and internalise all the things she had learnt from the course.

If you are agreeable to that, can you give me more details how to sign her up for that.

Once again, thank you so much for all the improvement to my kids' life and studies.

Best Regards,
Alfred Wong

Nan Naimah, IAG (Malaysia Dec04)

I have attended the I Am Gifted, So Are You!™ Camp and have tasted the benefits. I scored a string of A's in my SPM and my History teacher couldnt believe that I got an "A" for that subjct.

I am now attending matric college in Gopeng which will end at the end of April. I'll be on leave for about 2 months while seeking a place at a university. The Adam Khoo training is most friendly to teenagers, even problematic ones compared to other programs. Adam Khoo listens to the problems of teenagers. This is probably because the assistant coaches are young people who can relate to these people. It must be great being an instrument that brings changes in others. I would like to have that feeling. And I'm sure it will help me understand human beings better.

Thank you.

Jiansheng, IAG (Malaysia Dec06)

Hi webster its been a long time since the camp last year. I am Jiansheng, i joined the year end IAG last year and really enjoyed it at the same time i also learnt a lot of things about life. The trainers and coach really inspired me to strive for the best. After the program, my marks in my tests and exams have really improved especially my math.

i recently received a letter from AKLTG about the coach training program and was really excited about joining it but unfortunately the timing is inconvenient for me because it coincide with my first term exams.

I am in form five this year and really hope that i can attend the coach training program, can you please send me some of the schedule for the future programs so i can plan my schedule. I really hope that i can inspire others like the coaches and trainers have.

After the program i told all my friends what i have learned from the camp and they all said that they wished they could joined the camp.^^Are there any programs for the graduates to attend other than the quarterly meeting? can you send me any information regrading AKLTG


Vivien Tay, IAG (Malaysia Dec2006)

Hi Melody!
I'm Vivien Tay, 1 of ur participants in IAG frm 11-14dec 2006..
if u dun remember me it's ok..jus emailing u to tell u abt my Goals haha..
You're someone important to me so I'm sharing with u my Goals =)
I Will Be:
1.TOP STUDENT In My School In A Levels!
2.MILLIONAIRE By Age 25!(Sing Dollars)
3.MOTIVATIONAL TRAINER By Age 26! (Master Trainer)
No, this is not a prank joke..I'm dead serious. Don't have heartattack=) Don't worry I'm not Crazy or anything;) I'm sharing w u to Put Myself On the Line so i have no choice but to Succeed, to Go All Out! cos ur opinion of me is very important to me..Haha bb!
Take Care!
Vivien Tay

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Shannon Xinru Yu, (IAG Malaysia) March 2006

Heeyyy guys!!!
My name is Shannon and i am currently one of the assistant coach(soon to be coach^^) for this, as you all already know, totally awesome, totally siaow and and totally SUUUPPEEERRR AKLTG Group~! XD What i LOVE most about this camp? Well, i have to say, the participants. Thats right, you guys out there who joined the camp.=) Needless to say, we all had fun right??? But thats not the main point. Before becoming part of this affiliation, i felt that, hey, life is nothing but a chance given to us by god to live, to do whatever we want, to live as the day passes. Thats true in a way, but do you know the true meaning of life?

Like Adam said, he quoted something like this,"Existing and living are two different things.

Existing is merely living in this world without an objective, without a goal; whereas living is actually doing something productive about your life, having and striving for things you want to achieve, having places you want to go. Stretching out and reaching for your goals..." The main point is, after this camp, we know what we want, at least i know what i want, i know where to start, i know what i should do and how i can get there.^_^ Do you?

It is ok for us to slack sometimes in life. We are all HUMAN. Yes. We are allowed to make mistakes, but should we repeat them? Hmmm... Ask yourself this question, how often do you think opportunity shows up at your doorstep in life? If we somehow knew about it, should we just let it pass and pretend it never happened? Lol. Those who havent been for this camp would probably do so, but for all those of you who did? ^^ What i learnt most from becoming part of all this is that life gives you only one chance to prove yourself.

To stand out from the crowd, to voice out confidently, to show the world who you really are no matter how small you might seem. It is to let us know that there is hope in everything we do. You guys showed me that. There are choices we can make that will change our lives forever! It has changed mine.^_^

So here, i just wanna say, thank you all. For those who have made a permenant impact on my life, for those i have been given a chance to be acquainted with through this program, to those who have worked with me and showed me what its like to be accepted, to those who have taught me that there is more to life than mere existance,and finally, to those who showed me life from a totally different aspect. I feel very grateful and blessed to have met you all in this lifetime. Now let us take this opportunity, this chance, this opened door to show the rest of the world who we are, what we can do, what difference we can make... Joining this camp has made the impossible, possible. So for those who have joined the camp before, please do come back to join us again! It is your turn now to change lives, to do miracles. So here, once again, thank you all very much for EVERYTHING. This has been the most chunted and unforgettable experience ever! It has become a part of my life, leaving behind memories so distinctive like footprints on a beach, making another chapter of my life evermore worthwhile...

Thanks you...


Lots of love,

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Vikram Anil Shivdasan, ( SK Malaysia ) May 2006

I loved being at the SK camp.
Learnt a lot about myself and what i can do in life if i take charge. It helped me a lot to believe in myself and believe nobody is a faliure as long as we take charge. I would like to be a coach because the i could help other kids like me to think positive and feel more confident about themselves. We had learnt many words/sentences/values during the camp..i do know all of them, understood and put into practise few. This junior assistant coach scheme will give me a second chance to understand them better. Because when we teach other it will be like a revision for us. And best of all i get to attend the whole camp again. It will be fun.

Nur Ayne Faeza, ( IAG Malaysia ) June 05

I was really excited to get your letter as since I attended your cam, I really want to be a part of it again, this time, giving my knowledge for others to benefit. Since the camp, I found learning so much more fun and I try my best in everything I do. Now, being the secretary of my batch alumni, a school athlete, a main orchestra member, committee members of a few societies adn a straight A student, I am happier than ever and aspire to study in Cambridge University one day. It would be an honour to be chosen to teach other people to spread their wings and fly high as how you taught me. I promise to put my 100% effort and passion towards the camp and I promise that you wouldn't regret picking me! Thank you and I do hope to hear from you soon.

Vanessa Ho Li Lianne, (IAG Malaysia) June 2006

When I first attended the camp, I thought that it was just another motivational camp. During the duration of the camp, what really amazed me was the ability of the speakers and the coaches to motivate and change the lives and attitudes of everyone there and most importantly, inspire them. I was inspired and when I found out that I could come back to help coach, I immediately decided that I will come back because I want to inspire the fellow participants and also help them lead better and happier lives. AKLTG taught me many things both related to studies and life and so I would like pass it on to people.